Transformer Oil Filtration

We are among the reputed organisations, highly engaged in imparting optimum quality Transformer
Oil Filtration for Distribution and Power Transformers Service. These services are bound with
quality and precision. The offered service is rendered by our highly qualified professionals in the best
suited manner.

Transformer oil filtration is carried out with Ultra High Vacuum oil filter machine of adequate capacity.
Our mobile oil filtration plant is designed to remove dissolved moisture, dirt, air and other gases from
the transformer oil.

This two stage Mobile filtration plant operates on the principle of Low Temperature and High Vacuum.
Unfiltered oil is taken in to the system through the inlet valve. Then the oil is pumped to the system
through positive displacement pump. Preliminary Coarse filters protect the pump by entering solid and
magnetic particles up to 1 mm size. The oil is heated up to 60-65°C. After heating the oil passes
through the cartridge filters where the particles up to 2 microns are filtered. Then the oil is passed
through a specially designed vacuum chamber, where the moisture, air and other gases are extracted
from the oil. The vacuum chamber is designed in such a way that the oil is spread out and is allowed
to fall by gravity over the media inside, forming a thin film of oil providing a large surface area
exposed to vacuum. With this exposure, the dissolved moisture and gases are evacuated to improve
the insulating properties of transformer oil.

We carried out BDV and PPM test at site with BDV and PPM Instrument. Instruments are calibrated
by NABL.

Test Result before and after Transformer Oil Filtration.

Before Filtration
BDV – 20 to 30KV and PPM – More than 30.

After Filtration
BDV > 70KV and PPM < 3.

We also provide air drier for filling/purging of dry air during Transformer maintenance and oil Filtration.
Machine/Equipment Available For Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer Oil Filtration Machine – 4.5KL, 6KL and 12KL (All installed on Vehicles)

Vacuum Pump installed with each Filtration Machine.

BDV kit (0-100KV)

PPM Meter.

Air Drier.

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