Air Dryer & Oil Storage tank Rental Services

We offer Air Dryer Rental & Oil Storage tank rental Services to our customers to fulfill project

Air Dryers or Dryer/After cooler combo units are used to provide air that is drier than ordinary
compressed air produced by an air compressor. Applications include pipeline drying, electronics
manufacturing, food or drug production and refinery applications. Dryers require AC power to operate
the control panel. As with all of our equipment, field technicians are available to help install the units
or to fully operate them for the duration of your project.

Power control sysyem are the providing of Dry Air Generator for moisture removal in air. These generators are designed to suit the transformer application with additional refrigeration air dryer, auto drain valve, carbon filter, and after filter and ultra fine filter for removal of particles upto 0.1 Micron.

Heatless compressed air dryer is the desiccant type Air dryer for achieving a dew point of -700C or better

Why dry air is required in transformer?

  1. No atmospheric air enters the transformer by building a positive pressure in the transformer, when the transformer is opened during fitting of the accessories.
  2. Dry air can be used to facilitate manpower during internal fitments of the transformer.
  3. It safeguards the atmospheric moisture entering the transformer thus helps to retain all the drying process done in the transformer at transformer factory

The salient features of our Air Dryer are as follows:
Compact Design
Constant Dew Point
Powder Coated Canopy
Environmental Friendly
Highly Reliable Performance
Skid mounted units for easy mobility
-60 to -70 degree F dew point achievable
Outdoor rated electronic control panel
High and low pressure available (70psi – 350psi)
Oil Storage tank up to 20 KL

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